Hello and welcome -Michelle Baker

- to the place where you the writer are nurtured and celebrated.

You might be a biologist, trained in a field other than writing, but over the years, you’ve come to realize that the most important work you do isn’t in the field; it’s writing the report, connecting with your audience, leaving your legacy.

You’re here because you want to play the biggest game possible. You want to be the best. And you realize that communication is key.

And that’s what the Corporate Writing Pro is all about. I’m here to help you create communities of practice where writers are nurtured and celebrated.

I’m here to help you share resources with other professional writers like you.

I’m here to encourage exploration.

I’m here to listen and offer advice.

I’m here to help.

Welcome to the Corporate Writing Pro, because communication is key.

L. Michelle Baker, PhD

The Corporate Writing Pro

Because Communication is Key!